Vision in Action
Project Report




Introduction & Table of Contents

Chapter I: Discovery/Analysis

Chapter II: Synthesis

Chapter III: End of the Beginning - Initial Decisions and Epilogue

VIA Vision and Transition to Continuous Planning - Appendices

VIA Brochure

2007-08 Strategic Initiative Fund

2006-07 Strategic Initiative Fund

2005-06 Strategic Initiative Fund

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Vision in Action
(VIA) is TCU’s strategic planning effort that began in 2003. Through this participatory process, scores of faculty and staff members, trustees, alumni and students charted a vision for the university’s future. 

VIA participants reviewed TCU's internal and external environment, considered our resources and developed both broad strategies and very specific objectives.

As a result of Vision in Action, we refined our vision and are committed to becoming an increasingly more significant private university with a greater international presence. Ours will be a future characterized by high quality, brave visions and noble purposes. 

Get an overview of TCU’s plans in our Vision in Action brochure. For a more detailed look at VIA, examine the documents listed at the left.


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