What does the TCU Promise mean to you?



regarding Academic Quality:

Interrelate arts and sciences during the education process.

Commit to a "Value added" education; combining the expertise needed for a job with more in-depth knowledge in liberal arts through both curricular and co-curricular programs.

Improve the internship programs available to students, connecting academic life with community and thereby helping to place classroom learning/experiences in context.


regarding Commitment to Students:

Provide students with the physical, academic and human resources they need to achieve their educational goals

Encourage parents to counsel students to take courses in areas that are new to them

Encourage students to graduate in 4 years "Tenure is not for students" by keeping students moving through the curriculum and focusing on their prime interests


regarding Recruitment and Retention:

Conduct exit interviews etc., in order to see why 20% of our freshman students are leaving.

Consider strategies to get students "on the margins" to take advantage of their opportunities.

Cultivate parents and respond to their perceptions.


regarding Academic Programs:

Maintain a broad palette of majors

Provide interesting curricula.

Commit to educate ethical leaders.

Consider requiring courses in both ethics and leadership.


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

Provide a safe environment, especially with respect to women.

Provide a richer residential experience for those students who want it.


regarding Staff/Faculty Support:


regarding Community Building:

Increase ethnic diversity via community, putting students in situations where they will experience diversity.

Inspire students with more diverse faculty "Faculty look more like each other than students".

Get students more involved in charity and philanthropy.

Strongly consider requiring community volunteerism/service and involvement.


regarding Assessment, Program Review and Management:



regarding Budget Process:



What do you promise to TCU as your part of the TCU Promise?



regarding Academic Quality:

regarding Commitment to Students:

Advise students that they should leave the school a better place than when they arrived.

Advise students that they should be willing to be open to new ways of experiencing life and get to know/discuss with those who are not "like you".

Advise potential students that they should ask the question "Why are you going to college?" and explore this before committing to a school. Parents should engage this conversation.


regarding Recruitment and Retention:


regarding Academic Programs:


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

Encourage students to engage in campus life.

Encourage students to "give back"


regarding Faculty Support:


regarding Assessment, Program Review and Management:


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