What does the TCU Promise mean to you?



regarding Academic Quality:           

* Reduce class size.

* Maintain a Liberal arts focus for breadth and depth.

* Communicate to students and parents that academics come first!

* Challenge faculty to enhance rigor.

* Create disincentives for poor teaching.

* Create centers of excellence.

* Reach out to the community for internships and service learning opportunities.

* Publicize teaching/research awards to the community.

* Publicize student awards to the community.


regarding Commitment to Students:

* Provide appropriate classroom space.

* Provide money to support undergraduate research.

* Develop graduate programs that are unique, including both traditional and professional.

* Raise graduate student stipends.

* Consider creating an academic boot camp to orient students to expectations.

* Do all that is possible to ensure students graduate in 4 years.      


regarding Recruitment and Retention:

* Communicate to students and parents that TCU is a value-added university relative to other institutions.

* Expand community scholars program and other scholarship opportunities.

* Collect data to determine reasons students leave.


regarding Academic Programs:

* Develop interdisciplinary programs.

* Reduce the number of adjunct faculty.

* Ensure that the promise is the same across all disciplines (e.g., athletics, social distinctions)


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

* Create more on-campus housing.

* Slow growth of student population.

* Provide vibrant student centers that encourage working and collegial interaction.

* Reduce cost of meals so that students will stay on campus.


regarding Faculty Support:

* Add more faculty.

* Define reasonable teaching loads.

* Remove budgetary barriers to interdisciplinary crossovers and co-teaching.

* Support the bridging of curricular and co-curricular activities.

* Provide appropriate classroom, office and research space.

* Enhance support from Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.

* Consider "Bridge Funding" when grant money dries up temporarily.

* Commit to ongoing faculty development, including a Junior Sabbatical for new faculty.

* Reduce teaching loads for new faculty.

* Improve retention and recruitment with incentives such as bonuses, labs, day-care, flexible scheduling, maternity leave, etc.

* Provide incentives for faculty to do advising, and ensure advising is consistent across campus.

* Develop a true Faculty Center that entices faculty to interact more; include evening hours.

* Provide technical support to train and help faculty with new equipment.


regarding Assessment, Program Review and Management:

* Develop effective assessment strategies that address important questions central to the mission of TCU.

* Conduct reviews that are responsive to the needs of programs as perceived by persons who design and implement these programs.

* Carefully consider the implications of the development "Centers of Excellence."


regarding Budget Process:

* Make budget line process transparent.

* Involve Deans in formulating budgets.

* Follow multi-year budgeting and planning.

* Link academic priorities with fund raising focus.

* Increase technical support budget.



What do you promise to TCU as your part of the TCU Promise?



regarding Academic Quality:

* Develop student potential rather than guarantee an outcome, as in a contract.

* Be well versed in our discipline.

* Serve as role models to students.

* Develop undergraduate opportunities for experiential learning and undergraduate research.

* Mentor new faculty within our department.


regarding Commitment to Students:

* Play a central role in students' intellectual growth and development.

* Create undergraduate research opportunities.

* Make ourselves available one-on-one with each of our students.

* Be good communicators of our knowledge and our passion.

* Teach students how to learn and how to develop a passion for learning.

* Teach students how to apply what they learn and how to become life-long learners.

* Encourage students to take advantage of opportunities on and off campus.

* Instill a sense of personal responsibility in students with respect to their intellectual development.

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