What does the TCU Promise mean to you?



regarding Academic Quality:

* Ensure the Promise is a core value.

*Have small classes.

*Give students the opportunity to succeed and graduate in 4 years -- and to fail.         

*Ensure that students and parents are aware of faculty/student ratios in various areas.

*Create synergy between graduate and undergraduate programs.

*Ensure that academic units link to the mission statement.

*Create centers of excellence.


regarding Commitment to Students:

*Improve advising, and include co-curricular activities.

*Respect and listen to students.

*Ensure there are enough good classrooms.

*Allow staff to play a larger role.

*Create loyal alumni.


regarding Recruitment and Retention:


regarding Academic Programs:

*Improve graduate programs.

*Increase number of interdisciplinary programs.

*Provide undergraduate research opportunities.


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

*Maintain family atmosphere on campus.

*Create a better gathering place for all.

*Add more residential accommodations.

*Encourage mentoring between seniors and freshmen.


regarding Staff/Faculty Support:

*Reward publicly those who fulfill TCU's Promise through service, scholarship, teaching, mentoring.

*Reward staff for overload work.

*Make grants and awards known to the wider community.

*Help staff with professional career development.

*Create more opportunities to have a voice and involvement on campus.

*Provide realistic salaries.


regarding Community Building:

*Create a Town Hall that includes the wider community.

*Create an "Office of Community Relations."

*Start a store front office on Berry as an outreach to the community, not just a PR effort.

*Engage more with the wider community, such as service learning as part of the class curriculum.

*Raise more outside funding rather than tuition.


regarding Assessment, Program Review and Management:

*Gauge what is transformational in students.

*Stop doing things that are not working.

*Make assessment data more available and applicable to what gets done.

*Coordinate with retention efforts.

*Improve teaching evaluations with better SPOT reviews.


regarding Budget Process:

*Create transparent budget process.

*Link resources to success, keeping value-added aspects in mind.


What do you promise to TCU as your part of the TCU Promise?



regarding Academic Quality:

*Strive to be ethical and professional.

*Ensure that all students know and understand the mission statement.


regarding Commitment to Students:

*Treat students as if they were family members.

*Give them a personal, helping hand when needed.


regarding Recruitment and Retention:


regarding Academic Programs:


regarding Residential/Campus Life:


regarding Faculty Support:

*Fulfill the needs of the faculty.


regarding Assessment, Program Review and Management:

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