What does the TCU Promise mean to you?


High tuition means:

1. Small classes to ensure close interaction, i.e.:

  no more than 15 students in upper level courses     

  more active vs. passive learning opportunities = more creativity


2. Frequent, close contact between faculty and students; faculty should:

  be accessible

  make goals/outcomes clear, and knowledge relevant

  use creative, innovative learning strategies and activities

  lead students toward internship opportunities

  develop undergraduate research opportunities

  be involved in Freshmen seminars

  participate in Frog Camp and extracurricular programs    

  be full time, permanent faculty, and have few or no adjunct professors, unless specialization required

  not use the same test over and over


3. Student involvement opportunities:

  make students aware of organizations, programs and special opportunities available on campus and reward them for participating;   TCU should hire a full-time person to coordinate all of these opportunities

  let students communicate with the Board of Trustees


4. Improve communication about academic programs:

  inform students of advantages/disadvantages

  make sure requirements are fully understood


5. E-College issues:

  good idea, but don't let it serve as a wall to separate faculty from students

  faculty should respond with comments -- not post electronically in classroom or online

  no online courses     



What do you promise to TCU?


1. To keep standards high, students should:

  Develop an Honor Code to maintain accountability and to enhance TCU's mission statement. This will build TCU's reputation and thus make our degrees more valuable.

  become an advocate for TCU's mission statement

  put forth our best effort in the classroom

  encourage each other to participate more in the opportunities offered by TCU


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