Putting Our Vision into Action: The TCU Promise -- Fall 2004 Symposium

"Putting Our Vision into Action: The TCU Promise -- Fall 2004 Symposium," was held Saturday Sept. 11, 2004. Over 200 members of the TCU family, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, deans and trustees, attended the meeting and discussed the TCU Promise and how this promise might impact the future of TCU.

During the symposium, participants were involved in small group discussions and the major points of the discussion were recorded and synthesized into documents with input from cohort groups (faculty, staff, alumni, students, trustees, and deans). The discussions were wide-ranging and fruitful. Because of the magnitude of the ideas, these linked documents are not an exact transcript of the discussions, but an overview of the major ideas presented. In addition, these documents do not represent the university’s belief concerning the TCU Promise, but are a part of the ongoing and important discussions that will continue to occur.

Current Participants

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Economic Review Committee

Research and Data Committee

Groups Developing Strategy Papers

Size, Mix, Residentiality

The TCU Experience

Academic Directions

Connections to Communities: TCU, Fort Worth Region and Texas

Strategies for Athletics

Learning Resources

Technology Infrastructure