What does the TCU Promise mean to you?



regarding Academic Quality:

  Have high expectations of students.

Promise that we will challenge you, and will support you, to have a life changing experience.

Commit to helping students to meet their own promise

Develop quality across all parts of the campus.

Treat each student as an individual with potential.

Create a "resource-rich" environment.

Foster a flexible curriculum within the liberal arts ethos that allows students to explore their potential and, if desirable, change majors.

Continue to support and develop "unusual opportunities (eg., Ranch Managment).

Enhance the promise of an International Experience for students.


regarding Commitment to Students:

Create an atmosphere in which students can develop and learn and which will be characterized by; high quality; a low student faculty ratio; a valuing of each student as an individual.

Maintain an "open door" policy at all levels (faculty, staff and administration), buttressed by appropriate support.


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

TCU will continue to be a "friendly place".

Recognize that the Fort Worth metroplex is a major focus of interest for many students.


What do you promise to TCU as your part of the TCU Promise?



regarding Academic Quality:

Develop strategies that allow the University to have high standards without becoming "exclusive."

Maintain a financialy sound policies with regard to resources.

Through VIA, collaborate in the making of sound decisions.

Define an SAT niche that we can target (1200-1400) but do not limit our effort to this niche. Set a realistic level that does not try for the really high SAT students but focuses on those who have good academic performance, show leadership potential, etc. (acknowledging that there is competition for this band.)

Slowly increase the SAT scores of the incoming class; attract the upper scores by giving some tuition benefits to these students.  

Look for other areas of student potential as well - to help fill the needs of the university, e.g., the music student.


regarding Commitment to Students:

Discuss the issue of size of the student body.   Given the resources available to us, we cannot increase the number of undergraduates unless they are in targeted areas. Do we meet the TCU promise if we continue to grow?

Be a part of the on-going discussion about how to raise the academic quality of students.

Help to deliver the promise.

As a priority, help to create a personally safe environment.


regarding Recruitment and Retention:

Learn more about the whole problem of retention.   The board can put it as a high priority but will need to wait on data. Retention is a high indicator of student satisfaction.   It may be the main indicator of whether we are delivering the promise.

Some trustees want to think about 'rifle' rather than 'shotgun' approach to recruiting.


regarding Academic Programs:

With an understanding that ratio of undergraduate to graduate students at TCU is not the same as some other universities, consider the balance between undergraduate and graduate education, asking pertinent questions, including,

1. Do we need to support the marginal PhD? Which are of quality?

2. What do PhD programs give TCU?  

3. What is the role of the 'professional' PhD?

4. What is the role of the masters programs?

5. How would the "look" of TCU change without PhD programs?

6. What impact does the PhD program have on the recruiting of quality faculty and students?

7. What are the real costs of graduate programs? Can we develop an appropriate economic model?

8. Can TCU design programs that will be low cost but academically quality (interdisciplinary, etc)?

9. How can we strengthen the graduate programs? Maybe a goal should be that the % of budget that goes directly to academic programs increases.


regarding Residential/Campus Life:

Develop a more residential campus, perhaps by lowering the total number of students.

Develop more "Berry Street" type projects, noting that we have chosen to not invest in housing in order to keep the current debt structure.


regarding Budget Process:

The trustees must look at the available resources to be able to allocate money.

Recognize that the current budget process works well.  

Recognize that the VIA process will develop a more immediately goals-oriented process.





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