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Environmental Scan

TCU held an Environmental Scan Conference March 24 to assess trends in higher education and their possible impact on the University. Click on the links below to review presentations made by Chancellor Victor J. Boschini and Provost Nowell R. Donovan during the conference.


Chancellor's Presentation
Provost's Presentation


TCU Environmental Scan

1. TCU Comparison Group

A. General Assumptions Analysis                            

B. TCU Comparison Group definitions

C. TCU Comparison Group - Final

2. Social, Political, Economic - National

3. Social, Political, Ecomonic - State/Local

4. Philanthropy

5. Technology

6. Undergraduate

A. Undergraduate Enrollment

B. Undergraduate Demographics

B-1. Undergraduate Demographics (Data Spreadsheet)

C. Undergraduate Admissions Profile

D. Undergraduate Program Profile

E. Demographic Trend and Issues

F. Academic Standards Trend and Issues

G. Undergraduate Issues, Special Texas Issues

7. Graduate

A. Graduate Enrollment Issues

B. Graduate Programs and Admissions Issues

C. Data Spreadsheet

D. Graduate Enrollment Issues

E. Graduate Enrollment Issues- National Enrollment Demographics

F. Graduate Enrollment Issues- Texas Market

8. Strategic Resource Management Summary