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Size, Mix, Residentiality



The charge of the Size, Mix and Residentiality subcomittee is to review pertinent data and make a recommendation on whether and how TCU should increase enrollment and enhance national standing.

Critical questions

1).What are the key strategic factors for determining desired enrollment size?

•  Infrastructure capacity?

•  on-campus residential infrastructure
•  on-campus dining
•  computer services
•  health services
•  parking
•  faculty to student ratio
•  customer service
•  teaching/learning space

•  Size of the individual schools and balance among them?

•  Online courses and summer school?

•  Quality indicators for the incoming undergraduate students?

•  Retention and graduation goals?

•  Program structure and market for graduate students?

•  Availability of specialized facilities for key programs?

•  Market for growth?

•  Institutional financial health?

•  endowment
•  tuition
•  loans/mortgage
•  net revenue


2). What are the different factors and considerations for the size of the graduate student population versus the size of undergraduate student population?


3). Are there areas of critical concern where growth is essential to achieve critical institutional priorities?  

  • Are there areas of concern specific to certain programs or student populations?
  • Are there concerns that relate to the current mix or size of certain student populations?
4). What does being a residential campus mean?
  • Should the University have a substantially greater portion of its undergraduates living on campus or within the campus perimeter?  


5). What is the desired student mix to achieve TCU's goals?

  • Male/female
  • In-state/out-of-state
  • International
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Graduate/undergraduate
  • Transfer
  • Selectivity


Town Hall Meeting

Below are thoughts from faculty, staff and students who atteneded the April 7 Town Hall Meeting, "Home Sweet Home: Living and Learning at TCU". If you would like to add to these comments or offer new thoughts, please do so by clicking on the discussion forum link located on the lower left hand side of the VIA Web site.

“When we go into strategic planning of units, the unit's perception of their size should be very carefully considered in the development of the university's size.”

- Richard Gipson, music department


I think all the new buildings we have are great and an asset to the campus.  We just have to be careful because it is so difficult for a lot of students to afford this university at this price.”

- Mary Wrench, junior advertising/public relations major


“If we continue to do what we do now with financial aid, we will continue with the same student body we have now.”
- Linda Moore, social work department


“The reason I want a mix (of students) is not to be politically correct. It's important these different viewpoints are brought into the classroom.”

- Blaise Ferrandino, music department


“Every time the questions about the future of TCU are raised, the issue of diversity should be front and center.”
- Jack Hill, religion department


Strategy Paper


Size, Mix and Residentiality committee

Mike Butler, AddRan College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Molly Weinburgh, School of Education
Mike Scott, Financial Aid
Karen Baker, Office of the Chancellor
Liaison: Leo Munson