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The strategic planning process

1.Develop a Commission on the Future report card. The strategic planning steering committee and the Commission Task Force staff facilitators will review the Commission’s recommendations and create a report detailing what has and has not been accomplished. The report card will be available on the strategic planning Web site and in various publications. (Fall ’03-Winter ’04)

2.Conduct an economic review of TCU. The Chancellor has appointed a group that already has begun this review. After considering TCU’s financial and other resources, the group will determine the University’s opportunities and limitations. (Fall ’03-Winter ’04)

3.Perform an environmental scan of the higher education environment. Kaludis Consulting will conduct a broad analysis of the higher education environment. The analysis will cover the demographic, social, economic, political, educational, technological and competitive trendsthat will affect TCU. (Spring ’04)

4.Develop position papers. Groups focused on six institutional planning issues will conduct in-depth analyses and develop papers outlining strategic University positions. (Summer ’04).

The issues include:
a.Size, Mix and Residentiality. What is the optimal size and make-up of the TCU community of the future?

b.The TCU Experience. What educational strategies, curricular and co-curricular, will serve our students best?

c. Academic Program Comprehensiveness/Appropriateness. Based on TCU’s inherent strengths, historical foundations, and vision for the future, what mix of academic programs is most appropriate?

d.Connections to Communities: TCU, Fort Worth Region and Texas. What should TCU do to strengthen the internal campus community and the Unive rsity’s relationships with the city, region and state? How will TCU connect to communities that will represent the student body of the future?

e.Strategies for Athletics. How should TCU develop its athletics program to serve the University’s mission?

f.Technology Infrastructure. What role will technology play in the future of TCU and how can the University best plan for its technology needs?

5.Revise the master plan for the physical campus. A campus group will work with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities to provide basic strategic data about land, buildings and utility infrastructure in advance of a new physical master plan. (Spring ’04, Fall '04).

6.Review and revise school and college plans. With the results of these planning activities in hand, the faculty and administrators in each school and college will review and revise current school and college plans. (Fall ’04)

7.Provide pertinent information for planning. The Chancellor has appointed a research and data group to provide all the information necessary for making strategic decisions.

8. Set a new strategic agenda for TCU. This agenda will inform final planning for the fund-raising campaign and will set the stage for implementation in spring ’05. (Fall ’04)